Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sneak Peek: "Mob Wives" Episode 2 - The Fight!!! (VIDEO) + Renee Graziano's Ex-Husband Junior's A "Snitch"???

The first episode of "Mob Wives" Season 2 left us on the edge of our seats with the brewing feud between Drita D'avanzo and Karen Gravano. And now....the moment we've all been waiting for *drum roll*....THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED FIGHT!

No need to keep you guys waiting. Get into a sneak peek of episode 2 of "Mob Wives" under the break + info about Renee Graziano's ex-husband Junior becoming a "snitch"?!?!?....

In related "Mob Wives" news, it was reported about a month ago that Renee Graziano's ex-husband Hector “Junior” Pagan wore a wire (aka...was a "snitch") for a year. Also a month ago both Junior and Renee's father Anthony Graziano were arrested (we will see more of that this season on "Mob Wives") after Junior reportedly recorded conversations where his ex-father-in-law asked him to collect a $150,000 loanshark debt from a man. 

Damn....this shyt actually just got real!!!

Renee's sister, Jennifer Graziano, is a producer of "Mob Wives" and their father Anthony has not spoken to either of his daughters because of their involvement on the show.
“The first inclination is always to say, ‘Shut it down.’ “It is a reality show, and I knew this was going to be personal to me going into this,” she said. “But I didn’t know this was going to happen.”
Renee along with Karen and newcomer Renee Rizzo were guests on GMA this morning where Renee broke down in tears after being asked about Junior's alleged wire wearing. She declined to talk about.

Gonna be a good season!


  1. All Imma say is Drita be kickin ass and takin names ahahhahahahha!!!