Friday, January 6, 2012

Woman Goes BALLISTIC On Celebrity "Price Is Right" + Pummles Drew Carey; Dry Humps "Doogie Howser" (VIDEO)

What in THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Phuck! Someone....ANYONE, give this girl a Xanax or a horse tranquilizer! Either will do....

Long running game show (one of my grandma's favorites...God rest her soul) "The Price Is Right" has decided to enlist some famous celebrities to help regular Jane's and Joe's and charities win the big cash for the week. 

Fast forward to this contestant....shawty with the crinkly hair and glasses who must've had a bill due or SOMETHING because she was toooooooo hyped at her chance to win some cash.

When called on stage, she came out of her shoes, jumped on top of host Drew Carey (he was more scared than anyone I've ever seen in my LIFE....LMAO!!!!!) oh, and if that wasn't good enough, this ape-shyt fool had the unmitigated gall of dry humping Neil Patrick Harris aka "Doogie Howser". And yall know damn well that man didn't feel not a DAMN thing in his loins.

Just get into the video above. HEEEELARIOUS!

1 comment:

  1. O shit he almost fell but she look crazy from the get go...they need to start screening people lol

    sidebar: her hair is everything