Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Youtube Vid: Grandma And Grandson Get It Poppin' To Tyga's "Rack City"


Grandma, lemme have a quick pow-wow with you for a sec. NO YOU WILL NOT be shakin' your azz with your grandson for the world to see on YouTube, while Tyga is mentioning "Bytches", "Hoes", "N*ggas", "Phuckin' and Suckin'"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would blame it on these new aged grandmas (you know...the one that are 40+), but his winch is damn near on her death bed!!!

*soft sigh*

PS - Baby girl was jammin' tho, huh? LMAO!

PPS - Homeboy...does wearing the hood over your head make you more gangsta? I'm COMPLETELY confused....


  1. the whole time all I could think to myself was 'damn Im glad they white'. Well dancers take a good damn look cuz his ass gonna be robbing banks or in the news for sleepin with his teacher in about 3 yrs its obvious theres no boundaries in this home they prolly smoked a blunt after the video.

  2. "sleepin with his teacher"? "smoked a blunt"? LMAO!!!

  3. WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! grandma is getting it in (in my most proper voice i can muster up) and grandma is jamming

    Flash u dead wrong "near her death bed tho"O MY