Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hugh Hefner And Fiance Have Set A Wedding Date

Ummmmmmm, so......this is really gonna happen??? SMH....

Looks like Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is dead set on proving to the world that his poor lil heart is madly in love with fiance, 24 year old (24!!!!!!!!!!!!) Crystal Harris! The couple have been confirmed to set a June 18th wedding date at the Playboy Mansion.

"It will be intimate with a close number of friends here at the mansion," Hefner has said of the nuptials. "No big blowout affair. Something very personal."

A report reveals that Hef's idea of "personal" includes less than 300 guests and that Harris is close to making one other important choice: the gown (a rumored Ramona Keveza number).

Ummmmm, congrats?

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  1. yeah bitch get that money and you better not sign nothing. , i guess Holly's head game wasnt on point. now thats a bitter betty right about now