Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ray J: I "Created" Kim Kardashian!

Ummmmmm he's not really lying here, Dancers!
Ray J has claimed that his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian would not have become famous if it wasn't for the sex tape he made with the socialite. The singer also said that he "created" reality TV star Cocktail, who stars in his show For The Love Of Ray J. He told website Gossip On This: "This is how I feel about it - I don't hang with stars, I create stars. "So you know Kim was created, Cocktail was created and now I'm off to a new project." The 29-year-old revealed that he is now looking to create a new star. He added: "I wish them well, I hope they have major success in their life. They are great girls, they got good heads on their shoulders and I want them to be successful, and I'm off to the next project."
You can try and clown Ray-J all you want, but would we be checking for Kim Kardashian if she wasn't caught with his SAUSAGE in her mouth?

I'm just sayin'! Carry on.....


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