Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ever Wanted To Visit Evelyn Lozada's Shoe Store 'Dulce'? No Need! Someone Already Did (VIDEO)!



  1. Hi Sweety.
    I am laughing, you are so funny.
    Your Video is what I am looking for. I am from Germany and a big Fan of BBWs. I want to know about the store what you describe in your video. Thank you so much!!!
    It's a dream of mine to spend holiday in Miami. Maybe one day I have saved so much money that my dream come true.
    Thank you for your information, now I know that it is a waste of time to visit DULCE!!!!!

    Big hug

  2. im crackn up!!! To add to the gossip...(cough cough) I was at LIV the night she happened to be celebrating her bday and 85 was no where to be seen...but yet she was flashing pics on twitter of everything he bought her. But I cant hate... shes got a Maserati and I dont.LMFAO. If I hit the jackpot like that Id keep my non mf factor store closed too!