Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bethenny Frankel Launches Skinnygirl Sangria!

Bethenny Frankel has been a personal inspiration for me because when many people told her NO in reference to her business aspirations, she pretty much told them to "Kiss My Azz"! Can't be mad at that, eh? I'm not....

Now, on the heels of her successful Skinnygirl Margarita drink (partially selling the company for a reported $100 MILLION....WHEW!!!), she has branched off to Skinnygirl Sangria!

WERK, my dear! Strike while the iron is HOT!

The reality star turned business woman, launched her new liqueur in New York City Last night!

GET MONEY, Lady Frankel!

More flix of Bethenny under the break....

And how FAB does Bryn's mom look in this pink and orange get-up! LOVES it....

Images: Getty Images

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