Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bravo TV Exec And Host Andy Cohen Gives Us An Update On The Status Of "RHOBH"

Via Andy Cohen's blog entitled "Picking Up The Pieces":
We're all still trying to process yesterday's very sad news, and looking at how to proceed with the series, which has finished primary production and was set to premiere on Labor Day. We'll let you know what we decide when we do. In the meantime, we're sending our thoughts and prayers to Taylor and the rest of Russell's family.
BRAVO has a very TOUGH decision to make on their hands. While their main priority is to their audience and advertisers to put out quality programming, dealing with the death of one of their reality stars is a tough situation to deal with.

Should they carry on with showing Russell and Taylor Armstrong's tumultuous relationship as scheduled? Or should they completely edit out any negative clips of the couple due to sensitivity? I mean, Russell did have young children.

As an avid watcher of the Housewives, I would still want to see how Taylor and Russell's relationship played out and what led to Taylor filing for divorce. But for BRAVO, they have a responsibility to make sure that Taylor is comfortable with what they air.

Hmmmmmm. Decisions.

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  1. WTF y wld they cut it out mmaannnnnn let that shit play lol