Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shaunie O'Neal: Meeka Claxton NOT Returning To "Basketball Wives" (AUDIO)

WELP! That didn't take long. And I can't say I'm surprised either.... DAH WELL!

Executive producer/reality star Shaunie O'Neal granted an interview to Chicago’s Power 92 radio show where she discussed, of course, "Basketball Wives" and the spinoff show "Basketball Wives LA". 

During the interview, Shaunie revealed that Meeka Claxton will not be returning to the show next season, because it "just didn't work out". Also, she hinted around that Royce Reed's return to the show is up in the air.


When it comes to Royce's return to the show, it's a classic case of the "mean girls" trying to push Royce out. It's sooooooo obvious. Does she pose a threat? If she is such a "non factor", then why do you guys care to talk about her so much?

Doesn't matter how old some women claim to be, they will NEVER grow up!

Peep the interview above Dancers, and post your thoughts!

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  1. shaunie making that money honey