Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lingerie For Little Girls?!?!?!?

WHOA! This is a bit much!

French lingerie company Jours Après Lunes produced a lingerie line for little girl, Dancers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LITTLE.GIRLS.!!!!
It basically looks like lingerie–with maybe a tad more coverage–and would be totally okay for adults to wear but Jours Après Lunes is producing this stuff for girls ages 4-12 (the “loungerie” for the 3 month – 36 month age range is actually age-appropriate and cute, thankfully), so that mother and daughter can match. According to the site, the designer has a long background in designing lingerie (for grown ups) and she’s designed a “femme” collection for the over-tween set.
It's pretty obvious that the French aren't as sensitive as Americans are when it comes to children and sexuality.

More flix of the ad campaign under the break....

MY HEAVENS! Couldn't be MY CHILD, but whatevs....



  1. yeah that is a bit much, where are the parents prob behind the scenes collecting the money

  2. The redhead hot