Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sneak Peek: "Basketball Wives" Reunion Part 1 (VIDEO)

WHEW! You can cut the tension with a knife!!!

Dancers, check out this sneak peek of Part 1 of the reunion special of Season 3 "Basketball Wives"! In the sneak peek, it is ALL about Royce and her "I could give ONE PHUCK about all of yall" attitude....and if I can admit one thing: It's Quite Refreshing!!!

"People that throw drinks, can't throw hands!" YAAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!!

Royce is pulling out all stops and holding no punches when it comes to Evelyn and Jennifer, and in their attempt to shut her voice down, their only reply when she speaks to them is: "Is someone talking..."

How Mature! I can see they rehearsed that one tid bit!

I can't wait until Monday night!!! What I'm most looking forward to is the showdown between Meeka v. Tami! More DRAMA TO COME!

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  1. too much hair tammy, u too cute for that, less is more hontey

    and shaunie look like she cant move her neck but ido love the dress

    THR *OMG fainted*