Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Former RHODC's Michaele Salahi And New Beau Neal Schon Break Their Silence Over Their Affair

In a very revealing interview with The Daily Beast, former RHODC's Michaele Salahi and new beau, Journey guitarist Neal Schon have decided to break their silence over their scandalous affair that has rocked the headlines for about a week now!

Schon, who has been married 5 times previously (yea....A HOT AZZ MESS), described their romance as a fairytale: 
“It’s like a fairy tale. It is, it really is,” Schon said from a hotel room in Tampa. “I’m very happy, very happy after waiting for her for 15 years. Now I want to get beyond all this media hype that Tareq has put out there. It’s really quite embarrassing.”
Michaele and him knew each other previously to this affair. But she chose to marry Tareq. FOR WHY???
“I chose Tareq over Neal because I thought life would be less stressful living on a vineyard in Virginia. Life on the road with a rock band … well, I thought I might not have been able to keep up.” Yet during research for the book last year, in private talks away from her husband, Michaele made it clear she still had deep feelings for Neal. “Neal was like, ‘Are we going to do this forever?’ And I said, ‘No, we’re not,’” Michaele said of the moment she realized it was time to make another life decision. “I began to see he really loved me. I had to begin to feel it completely–in my soul.” That was when she knew she would leave her husband.
I repeat...A HOT AZZ MESS!!!

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