Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sneak Peek: I think It's Safe To Say That Khloe Is NOT A Fan Of Kris Humphires (VIDEO)?

Ya know, I'm hardly surprised by this!

In this sneak peek of Kim Kardashian's E! television special, Kim's Fairytale Wedding, Kim confronts her sister Khloe Kardashian whom she accused of talking shyt behind her back about Kim and Kris' upcoming wedding.

Khloe explains to Kim that she feels that Kris is disrespectful (and an opportunist) to people in their family and that SHE is the only one that is willing to tell Kim how she feels, while the rest of the family just talks behinds Kim's back about their disdain for Kris.


Of course, Kim tells her sister that she doesn't want her to be in her wedding (we all know that didn't come to fruition), and is clearly upset with Khloe about her argument with Kris.

Kim, I understand that this is your husband, but family will always keep it real with you. Even if you don't wanna hear it!

Peep the sneak peek clips below....

The two-part special airs Oct. 9th and 10th on E!

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  1. i like Kim with that color hair...Khloe Money keeps it all the way live.. i so with i cld hang out wiht her.... dont worry Khloe give them 6 months