Wednesday, September 28, 2011

For Those That Still Watch "America's Next Top Model", Guess Who's Replacing Andre Leon Talley?

Firstly, who still watches this show? No. Seriously...

The newest member to join the judges panel on "America's Next Top Model", fashion-God Andre Leon Talley, has decided it is time to step down as a judge from the long running model competition. 
"I had a great ride and will always consider my experience with Top Model one of the best moments of my life," Talley says. "Tyra is an incredible role model and I learned so much sitting next to her through four cycles."
So, who's his replacement? The outspoken fashion PR executive Kelly Cutrone!
"I am a huge fan of America's Next Top Model and have watched the show for years," says Cutrone, 45, who owns People's Revolution. "Having worked in various aspects of the fashion industry over the course of my career, I am excited for this new opportunity and hope to bring a different perspective to the show."
Listen, if Sir Talley was unable to get people to tune into ANTM again, I highly doubt that Kelly Cutrone can. Maybe it's just time to retire the show?! Just a thought....

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