Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Taylor Armstrong Breaks Her Silence About Abuse Fron Deceased Husband (VIDEO)

This is just INCREDIBLY sad! I'm actually at a loss for words after viewing this interview. On one hand, my heart BREAKS for all of the abuse that Taylor has gone through and especially that Russell's children have to go on without him. And then, I just don't understand why Taylor feels the need to disclose ALL of the details about what has gone on throughout her soon.
YES, she is a public figure and can help many people going through abuse currently, but a part of it just reads a tad bit inauthentic to me. Especially considering she is a reality star. It's just too soon IMO. But heeeey. I guess this was somewhat like therapy for her.

*shrug* I don't know. I just hope that she gets all of the help that she deserves.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O'Dell, RHOBH's Taylor Armstrong recounts the abuse that she suffered at the hands of her now deceased husband Russell Armstrong:
'The first time he ever really harmed me physically, I was pregnant with Kennedy and he grabbed me by the throat and held me against a wall. I saw his ability to go from zero to 60 that quickly.' She said that after she prepared dinner for his two sons from a previous relationship, he snapped: 'He said 'If you ever make my children a pizza without a vegetable again, I'll kill you.'
And as for her most recent injury to her eye that left her with a shattered eye socket:
He (Russell) said I was overreacting, that I was such a drama queen but I said this time I think you've really hurt me,' Taylor told O'Dell.

'I don't think he saw himself as an abuser until the last time that he hurt me when I finally ended our relationship.'

But Taylor believes that her husband was unaware, quite how much damage he was doing. 

'When I finally showed him the MRI he just put it down and started to cry,' she said.
'And I think it was him having to come to terms with the fact that this had gone on for too long and that this could've hurt me beyond what could've been repaired.'
WOW! More of the interview will continue today. But Taylor did reveal how she told her daughter Kennedy that her father passed away:
'I just told her Daddy got sick and he died, and that we could pick a star in the sky that could be daddy and that she could talk to him every night,' 

Peep the full interview under the break....


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  1. DAYYUM look at that bitch eye..thats not even funny

    couple sidebars:her lips are AWFUL, she hard on the eye when she cry whew, and she needs a porkchop

    i think that it was his insecurities because he a HAM