Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beyonce Runs Errands In NYC!

What's better than a pregnant bytch in 6 inch heels? NOTHING, I tell ya!!! Women >>>>>>>>> Men

A pregnant Beyonce Knowles was spotted earlier today running errands in the rain with, of course, her personal bodyguard Julian in tow. I often wonder does she ever say to him, "Yo, chill! Can you get outta my azz?" Seriously....

Beyonce has been looking GREAT as of late! Especially since dealing with all of the RIDICULOUS fake baby bump reports. Some people need to find hobbies in my opinion.

More of the Queen Bey under the break....


You think Bey would like to trade lives with me for a week? I should call her and suggest it. I'll keep yall posted, Dancers. *fingers crossed*

Images: INF Daily


  1. I mean seriously..what women wld want to fake a belly WTF let her live man

  2. Well folks can say she fakin the belly all they want but them breast gettin heavier and fuller by the day aint no damn fakin that trust been there done that....BOOM!

  3. i totally agree her boobs are very plump lol