Wednesday, October 19, 2011

BREAKING: Judge Revokes Lindsay Lohan's Probation....Bond Set!

THIS GIRL!!!! First her teeth, now this. *sigh*
What was meant to be a routine progress report stemming from a jewelry theft case ended Wednesday with actress Lindsay Lohan leaving the courtroom in handcuffs. Judge Stephanie Sautner made it clear throughout the hearing that "probation is a gift," and the troubled starlet did not meet her required hours of community service. "I'm revoking her probation," said Sautner. "Miss Lohan has created an impossibility to perform this sentence that was given to her by her own actions," she said. The actress, who arrived in court wearing a white top and white scarf, was taken into custody. A hearing was tentatively set for Nov. 2. Bail was set $100,000. During Wednesday's hearing, the judge focused on nine appointments at the Downtown Women's Center that Lohan missed. The judge also noted the sessions were supposed to last four hours. Lohan allegedly visited once and only stayed for about an hour. (MORE)
*in my Tyra Banks voice* I was rooting for you....we were all rooting for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although Lindsay could face up to a year in jail since having her probation revoked, more than likely that will NOT happen. The judge said Lindsay must complete 16 hours of community service at a morgue before her upcoming November 2nd hearing.

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  1. she is on drugs and needs to be detained and this is with no shade... i mean she said that at her community service she didnt feel a connection with the ladies..WTF bitch u dont neeed to feel a connection..the reason u r there is because u connected with jewels that were not yours