Thursday, October 20, 2011

SuperTrailer: VH1's "Love & Hip Hop" Season 2

YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where do I begin?

The ladies (and some new additions) of VH1's popular reality show Love & Hip Hop are back with Season 2, and let's just say....I am NOT disappointed.

Chrissy, Olivia, Emily, Somaya and new additions to "the circle" Kimbella (rapper Juelz Santana's girlfriend/baby momma) and Yandy (Jim Jones's manager) are dealing with some high powered DRAMA (to say the least) and here's a breakdown of what is to come:
  • First and foremost, Chrissy beat the DOG SH*T out of Kimbella after it was revealed that Kimbella had a relationship with rapper Fabolous (Emily's estranged partner) 3 years ago. WHOA!!! Emily in turn realized that 3 years ago, she was pregnant! 
  • Poor Emily! She still wants Fab to commit to her. But I'm not sure if he is ready. She moves out of the home that she shares with him, but still loves him dearly. Will he come around?
  • Chrissy (whom I adore!) is still trying to get Jim Jones to marry her, and is NOT letting off the gas.
  • Olivia is still trying so desperately to stand on her own feet in the music industry with the help of her Manager, Rich Dollaz. During one of the scenes, Rich even started to tear up (yes...CRY) because he is so passionate about Olivia and her talent. I can't ws touching to me! I don't have a problem with men growing emotional. Do you?
  • Speaking of emotional men, Jim Jones also started to tear up when he was discussing with his mother, Nancy, her disdain for girlfriend Chrissy. Oh, and Nancy is a rapper now yall. She came up with a rap song dissing Chrissy. My Heavens.....
  • As for the 2 new additions: I really don't know what Kimbella "does" exactly other than look pretty. The self proclaimed aspiring pop star, actress, "azz model", etc etc etc gets into ANOTHER fight with a woman that I can't quite make out *sigh*. Jim Jones manager, Yandy, is trying to get along with Chrissy (OF COURSE), because let's face it....if Chrissy doesn't like you? WE HAVE PROBLEMS!
  • And last but not least...Somaya. Poor baby. She is still trying her darndest to become this rap no avail. Her and "manager" Maurice are at each other's throats about EVERYTHING. I wonder will she still keep him on her "team"?
SOOOOOO MUCH! But I wouldn't expect anything less.

Get into the supertrailer under the break......

Sidebar - I am ALL for reality shows having fights and DRAMA. I mean....that is why we watch them, right? I hate when people complain about reality shows breeding drama, and it not being good for television....BULLYSHT!!!! I am an educated women, who has traveled the times, I find it perfectly normal to laugh and enjoy the chaos of other people's lives on TV. Is that a bad thing? More Drama....THE BETTER in my opinion! Trust me....if there wasn't any drama attached to these reality show, ratings would be in the tank.

Needless to say....I'm pumped about this season! Are you Dancers?

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  1. Agreed...I will be in front of my tv with a glass of wine gettin my watch on ahahhahaha!