Monday, October 17, 2011

Coupled Up: George Clooney And Stacy Keibler At The NY Film Festival!

Well Well Well....Lookey Lookey Lookey!

After weeks of rumors flying that these two were indeed an item, it's now confirmed, eh? Because yall know damn well Sir Clooney don't be taking just ANY ole body to red carpet events!

George Clooney decided to take his latest lady friend (yall know he has a stable of 'em!), former wrestler and DWTS contestant Stacy Keibler to the 49th Annual New York Film Festival on Sunday night to see his new movie "The Descendants"..

The new couple posed for flix on the red carpet while the 50 year old actor held her closely!


More of the couple under the break....


Nice looking couple! That is....'til Clooney finds her replacement.

Images: Getty Images/WENN/Splash


  1. George probably hits them with the Nino Brown line..."canel that bytch. I'll get a new one." LOL

  2. that is fine old man right there