Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fantasia Had A Baby Shower, Yall.....

Anthony Hamilton, his wife Tarsha, and their twins Nolan and Michael attended Fantasia’s baby shower over the weekend in North Carolina.

And YES, that is her lover Antwaun Cook to the far left who happens to STILL be married to his wife Paula Cook. Hopefully, they will be divorcing soon, but who knows.


Fanny Fanny Fanny. Imma just pray for you, dear...


  1. The baby did not ask to be here...The important thing in this situation is the welfare of the baby...The baby needs to be supported by the father, and his famiily...The other children also need to know they do have a another brother. You never when those children may need each other for some health reason....

  2. I truly agree on that one