Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pregnancy Looks Good On Beyonce!

When I become pregnant with child, THIS is the type of "glow" that I wanna have! Not that other "glow" that has you looking swole and greasy! Why do some people LIE to pregnant women? I digress....

A radiant Beyonce was spotted making her rounds again in NYC earlier today in a billowy white shirt, leggings, black boots and a very CHIC blue crocodile bag (which I am DYING for)!

I know this is not possible, but Bey should STAY pregnant! She looks like a million bucks!

More of the KING under the break....

Images: INF Daily


  1. one thing i hate is a prego woman in an unflatterig white shirt... no bueno B

    o and Flash i know the greasy swollen look u r talking about
    example: precious hahahahahahahahah

  2. Damn those some nice books ....

  3. boots even ahahahhaha