Monday, November 7, 2011

RHOA DRAMA! Are You Team NeNe Or Team Sheree???

WHEW!!! Real Housewives of Atlanta's Season 4 premiere went down last night on BRAVO, and to say there was DRAMA last night wouldn't be giving the episode it's due justice!

The Georgia Peaches are back - Kim with her new baby on the way and boyfriend, Kandi dives into the "sex toy" business, Phaedra (who is one of my faves now *shrug*) wants to open her own funeral home $$$$$$$$$, Cynthia has opened up her own modeling agency and last but not least......*drum roll* The Fight Heard Around The World: NeNe vs. Sheree!!!

Apparently, Sheree was asked by a "promoter" to be involved in a paid engagement where she brought in NeNe to also reap some of the benefits. According to Sheree, NeNe went behind her back to try and "cut her out of the deal" and acquire more money from the promoter. Sheree confronted NeNe about the alleged act, and of course NeNe denied it and got rather HOT AND BOTHERED behind it. 

To squash all rumors, Sheree decided to call said promoter while NeNe was in front of her to back up the claims, and sure enough....he repeated exactly what Sheree was accusing NeNe of. While all of this was going on, NeNe decided to call her assistant/pal Diana to side with her (Sidebar - did you hear Diana say anything else other than "hello"? Oh, okay.....).

At the end of the "conversation", NeNe got on the defensive and insulted Sheree by saying Sheree was the one losing cars and homes and that she is "rich". GIRL! (Sidebar - if you're rich, you don't have to yell it from the mountain tops). Sheree in turn defended herself (as she should've done) and told NeNe that if she was so "rich", then she should take care of her teeth because they were "rotten". *flatlined*

Listen. I only have this to say: NeNe (you are honestly my FAVORITE housewives..REAL TALK), you need to start hanging around folks that REALLY/TRULY have your best interest at heart, girlfriend. Because CLEARLY, no one has checked you on your behavior!

So Dancers, are you Team NeNe or Team Sheree???

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  1. Team Shereee all day! I strongly disliked Sheree when the show first came out, but I have grown to like her.
    She is right to feel how she does..and NeNe is a hot mess for trying to lie about it.