Friday, December 9, 2011

Kris Humphries Tries His Hardest NOT To Discuss Kim Kardashian On "Good Mornig America" (VIDEO)

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What I'm baffled most about is if you are NOT willing to discuss the big elephant in the room (which of course is your divorce), why would you make an appearance on national TV??? NO ONE wants to hear about anything else you have to say, Kris. Just keeping it real.....

For the first time since his soon to be ex wife Kim Kardashian filed for divorce, NBA "star" Kris Humphries sat down with "Good Morning America" earlier today to try and plug some things that are going on in his life (getting ready for the NBA season, his foundations, pushing his childhood obesity initiative, his mom promoting her cookies....WHO CARES!!!), but that didn't stop GMA's Josh Elliott from pounding away at the questions about his divorce from Kim.

And I have to give Kris credit, he stayed right on course and didn't venture away from what HE wanted to talk about! Amongst the questions that were asked was if he still loved Kim, how is he doing since the filing, why does he want an annulment, and more!
“Certain things happen in life, and you have to move forward. I’m focused on basketball... Other things will take care of themselves,” he shared. “I don’t play into the gossip.”
Kris, word to the wise: if you're not going to talk about Kim, STAY HOME! Other than that, we don't care about what you are doing!

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  1. his mom promoting her cookies WHAT THE PHUCK....Kris go and Kill yourself and while you are at take your mother with you lol

    sidebar: send me a pack of cookies before yall go so i can see what they hitting for (im always gonna b fat girl lol)