Friday, January 6, 2012

Bruce Willis Is Having A Baby!

Damn! I guess the plumbing is still working down there, eh?!?! 

Life&Style magazine is reporting that veteran actor, Bruce Willis (56) and his wife Emma Heming (33) are expecting their first child together.

For those that aren't aware, Bruce has three previous children - Rumer (23), Scout (20) and Tallulah (17) - with ex-wife Demi Moore

A source reveals:
"Bruce is going to have another baby girl in his life. He is overjoyed."
Awwww, another girl?! Precious!
"They're very happy about their new baby coming into the world. Bruce has been doting on Emma and has been very sweet with her."
Congrats to them! 


  1. Ummm Bruce ass old...speaking as a child whos parents had me late in life - folks always askin is that ur grandma or is that ur granddad NO its my mom and dad. Having parents that old enuff to be ur grand parents NOT CUTE. yea Im havin a flashback! Ahahahahhaha

  2. hahahahahahaha digress anonymous but Bruse ass is toooo old to having a phucking baby..better yet he shldnt even be boinking a woman that can still produce a baby