Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jennifer Hudson Covers "Good Housekeeping" Magazine

Since dropping almost 100 lbs off her frame, Oscar winner and Chicago native Jennifer Hudson has been busier than ever with movie roles, magazine covers, endorsements and MORE!

Looking better than ever, JHud is the February 2012 cover girl for Good Housekeeping magazine.
On her cravings:
“I’ll find a calm, peaceful moment, and I’ll sit back and eat my chocolate, which I make sure is really good quality, too,” she says. “Quality over quantity!”

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On her fiance David Otunga and Valentine's Day:“Let me tell you, this man goes bananas. When I wake up that morning in February, I can’t see through the house because he’s got confetti and balloons everywhere, rose petals on the floor, and candles in every single room.”
That's sweet!
On her previous size:
“Early on, I remember one of the musical directors telling me that everything about me was too big. My voice, my size, and my personality.” Defiant, Hudson asked her, “Isn’t that what being a star is? Stars are larger than life!”

On her son David Jr.:
“What’s funny is that he’s never known me overweight. If he sees a clip of the old Jennifer from Dreamgirls, he doesn’t know who it is.”


  1. Is it just me or is urbody else wondering when the hell her and David gone finally tie the knowt!!! I mean damn the baby going to be in school soon. Im just sayin ... 'is u is or is u aint' gone do the damn thing....

  2. naw im wondering when she gonna let that loser go and get her a winner