Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Stars Of The "Housewives" Franchises Cover 'The Hollywood Reporter'

You guys know I LIVE and DIE for the 'Housewives' franchises....EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM! Even Orange County *shrug*. And now the stars of their respective cities - Vicky Gunvalson, Ramona Singer, Caroline Manzo, Kyle Richards and the infamous NeNe Leakes - grace the cover of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

And even on the set of this shoot, there was a little cattiness amongst the women:
THR went behind the scenes at a shoot for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills where new cast member Brandi Glanville pretended not to hear the snickering coming from cast mates Kyle Richards’ and Lisa Vanderpump’s direction. "One of the girls asked me what I think of Brandi," Vanderpump whispers loudly to Richards. "And I said, 'Who?' " The pair burst into laughter. And during THR’s cover shoot, Ramona Singer tried to peddle her Ramona brand wine to anyone who’d take a cup and while discussing its high quality, Leakes stifled a laugh. Later, she offered Manzo and Gunvalson a sample. They declined, barely looking up from their mobile phones.
MESSY! But heeeeey, that's why we tune into these women FAITHFULLY every week!

And these women aren't only being catty on TV just for fame purposes. They actually make a pretty penny doing so:
Bravo offers each of the Housewives an unparalleled opportunity to develop her own brand. Combined, the Housewives have published more than a dozen books; received product deals from makeup and jewelry to sex toys and alcohol; average well over 100,000 Twitter followers (Atlanta's Leakes has nearly 600,000); and receive an approximate six-figure salary each season (the New York cast is drawing a $250,000 payday for season five) -- not movie-star money, but steady income for people arguably of limited talent.


Take a look at a behind the scenes vid of their THR cover shoot under the break.....


  1. i think Camille needs to change her hair color cause that bleach blonde is not the business

    WALK LANETHIA, that bitch is my everything

    caroline and vicki play in traffic

  2. Say what u will but that damn Nene is a mutha fuggin factor ahahahhahaha WERKKKKK LUV IT!!!!