Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ashanti Is Coming! Do You Care?!?!?

By the looks of this pic, we should be...WHEW! Somebody is looking rather SICK (in a good way) if I may say so myself!

This promotional shot (photographed by Robert Ector) was released of R&B star Ashanti yesterday, and it appears that after hitting the studio working on new material and a few appearances here and there, we might get to hear some new music from the star.

I'm sure there are folks out there who may utter the words: Ashanti's time has come and gone. But PLEASE don't forgt her place in music. She dominated the charts for quite some time before her hiatus. I'm excited to hear new music from her!

Are you???

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  1. CHILE BYE she better go find Nelly before somebody else does lol