Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Spice Girl" Mel C Thinks Rihanna Is Over-Sexualized

Oh girl get your panties outta your azz! It's called entertainment. You know what that is, right? Or have you forgotten?

Former Spice Girl Mel C is none too pleased with the over-sexualisation in music today, and her main target is pop star Rihanna! Mel C says:
"People have to take some responsibility because we've got to a point where the over-sexualisation of young children has gone too far. I think music is a big part of that. Women in music are extremely sexual and they have young fans. It is inappropriate."

"Rihanna has a responsibility and although culture's always changing, it's changed too much. It needs to be dealt with. It's reached saturation point, we owe it to our kids to protect them."

"I love Rihanna, I think she's a f***ing brilliant artist, with great songs, a great record and she looks fantastic…but she's not a mum. Maybe if she becomes one she'll feel different. I hope so anyway."
Listen. It is NOT Rihanna's job to parent your children, or any other celeb for that matter. Her job is to entertain, and she does a damn good job at it. Her not being a mom has NOTHING to do with it.

I can't stand when people think celebrities, particularly music artists, should water down their act for children. Hey, I have an idea...make sure your children don't listen/watch them!

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