Friday, September 30, 2011

Well Guess Who Decided To Stop By Her Local Target?!?!?

*rubs eyes* Ummmmm, is that you Shelly?!?!? Like a regular person in Target? Where are the girls?

First Lady Michelle Obama was spotted in Alexandria, VA yesterday at her local Target store in plain clothes, as if she was one of the regular folks. 

So what exactly did she pick up from the store? A source tells PEOPLE that Obama "picked up dog food and toys for Bo," among other undisclosed items. 

Tampons, perhaps?

Another flick under the break...

I see Lysol wipes, Febreeze,

Images: AP

1 comment:

  1. if that is really FLOTUS, then it's just wrong;
    1. her supplies/cleaning shopping is like DaVinci Shakespeare Ghandi Mother Theresa etc. phreaking washing dishes or making own wine/drink; MAJOR waste of talent/time.
    2. WTH is her staff/etc. doing that there is no dog food or things cleaned??? Someone needs to straighten out the staffing issue!!