Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bethenny Frankel Sold "Skinnygirl" For Significantly Less That The Reported $120 Million

My gal Bethenny Frankel has been under severe media scrutiny as of late! First, she was accused of drumming up a plan to become lost at sea while taping her hit reality TV show (according to her, she was actually lost at sea during a trip with her husband Jason Hoppy for a few hours). And now it has been revealed that the "Skinnygirl" honcho actually sold her burgeoning enterprise for significantly less, as opposed to what was originally reported - that she netted a whopping $120 million. 

According to financial records posted on the Fortune Brands website, Bethenny sold her line of low calorie alcoholic beverages for just $8.1 million. 

WAIT. Wasn't Forbes the one who actually FEATURED Bethenny on their cover which lead folks to believe she made/sold "Skinnygirl" for $120 Million?!?!?!? I'm confused....

Although Bethenny never confirmed or denied "Skinnygirl" selling for that particular figure, the reality star has MUCH to be proud of! She has licensed deals for workout DVDs,  clothes, weight loss supplements, books, and MORE!

Nothing to laugh at, ya know! I love Bethenny.....inspiring!

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