Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Celebrities Doing Good: Oprah And Sean Penn In Haiti!

Look at the rich people getting all dirty for a good cause....I CAN DIG IT!

It's no secret that Oscar winning actor Sean Penn has a big heart and voice to match when it comes to his charities, specifically his work in Haiti. Now, he is putting his celebrity to more use by visiting the poor-ridden country by bringing in more star power to increase awareness.....THEEEEEEEE Oprah Winfrey!

The two toured the camp that was set up by Penn’s J/P Human Relief Organization to provide assistance to people displaced by the 2010 earthquake. Penn’s organization has housed more than 50,000 people on what was once a 9-hole golf course.


More of the two superstars under the break.......

Look at Lady O with her sneakers on in the dirt. Now isn't that a sight!

Images: Splash


  1. look at Lady O getting big at home smashing and eating with Stedman....HEY auntie O

  2. HA! I hate you....