Friday, December 9, 2011

Khloe Kardashian Will Go WHEREVER Lamar Gets Traded....Happily!

And THAT is why I love her! She rides for this man, and whomever says otherwise is delusional!

Now that talks of Lamar Odom getting traded to the New Orleans Hornets for Chris Paul have been swirling since yesterday, many wondered how Lamar's wife Khloe Kardashian would adjust away from her family and business-base in Los Angeles.
We're told Khloe would follow Lamar anywhere ... but she would feel especially comfortable in New Orleans because the family spent TONS of time there when Kim was dating former Saints running back Reggie Bush ... and she already has a bunch of friends who live in town.

As for Khloe's reality TV career -- it seems she'd find a way to keep it going no matter where she and Lam Lam end up  -- one source close to the family put it, "If only Reggie would have stayed in New Orleans ... it could have been Kim and Khloe take New Orleans."
Khloe = the white "Tiny" LOL *runs and hides*

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  1. aiming a bb gun at ur knee caps for that comparison....Yes Khloe money as she should, Kimberly get ur tablet out pls