Thursday, January 5, 2012

Evelyn Lozada Pumps The Breaks On Wedding Plans To Ochocinco?!?!?

Nawwwwwww.....THAT CAN'T BE!!! Their relationship seems sooooooooooooooooo authentic! I mean, he bought her a Maserati (not convinced!) and an Hermes bag for her birthday. They just HAVE to be in love, right?

Hopefully you short bus riders peeped the sarcasm busting through that first paragraph. If not, I can't help you.

According to TMZ:
Chad Ochocinco's famous fiancee has slammed the brakes on the couple's wedding plans, all because she suspects the NFL star has been messing around behind her back.
NO SHYT, Sherlock!
Sources tell us ... "Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada recently confronted Ocho after she became suspicious about his behavior ... and she isn't convinced he's been faithful. The two are set to be married in the summer -- and while Evelyn hasn't "officially" cancelled the wedding yet, we're thinkin' the priest should start making other plans. Plus, Chad and Evelyn were supposed to begin shooting theirnew reality show in just three weeks ... we're told that plan is also up in the air. Calls to Evelyn's and Ocho's reps were not returned.
I don't believe any of these PLANTED stories these two put in the press. They are clearly obsessed with having us talk about them to further their ummmmmmm.....reality show careers (come on, let's face it. Ocho is listed on the Patriots roster, but he's really a reality star. Say I'm lying?). 

I haven't seen a couple more addicted to the THIRST before in my life. It's sickening!