Thursday, July 28, 2011

FOX 5 News Report: 5th Eddie Long Accuser Has The Bishop's Name Tattoo'd On Wrist (VIDEO)

*COMPLETE blank stare*

Eddie Long....I repeat: COME OUT OF THE CLOSET. And then after you do, write a book!

We reported late last night that FOX 5 News in Atlanta had exclusive information on a 5th accuser in the Bishop Eddie Long sex scandal that was kept out of the spotlight. But now, they are uncovering the identity of the young man: 22 year old aspiring pop singer, Centino Kemp from the Bahamas.

FOX 5 is reporting that Centino met The Bishop when he was a teenager and was visiting on a trip from the Bahamas, and get this!!!! Centino even has a tattoo of The Bishop's name on his wrist with a passage under the name entitled: “Never a mistake, Always a lesson.” 


Dancers, do yourselves a favor and get into the FOX 5 News report above and post your thoughts!

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  1. YYEESSSS on the wrist tho... HE DONT WANNA GO TO CHURCH hahahahahaha